The workshop

Kappar have one of Iceland’s biggest and most advanced workshops for building and assembling interior fittings. We have the skills, experience and capacity to produce any and all interior fittings required by our customers. We produce cabinets, tables, doors and all other items pertaining to interior fittings for all types of spaces, whether it be bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices and more and we have the capacity to produce interior fittings for whole apartment buildings, hotels, workplaces and public institutions. We take great pride in delivering high quality products and services for all our customers and our prices are more than competitive.

Indoor doors

Kappar has extensive experience in the production of indoor doors for homes, schools, offices and institutions and we have great production capacity in this field. Kappar have all the required certificates for the production of fire resistant doors.

Glass wall systems

Kappar has extensive experience in producing and installing glass wall systems.


Kappar has developed and designed interior fittings intended for health care services called KappLAB. These interior fittings are specifically designed for Icelandic health service facilities and are currently being used in several health care clinics and hospitals in Iceland.

Real estate maintenance

For over a decade Kappar has been servicing insurance companies, municipalities, institutions and large companies for maintenance and repairs of real estate. Kappar provides one-stop-shop services in this field as the company provides all the necessary tradesmen required for the job and has overall management of all workers and tradesmen working on each project.



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